Thursday 27 September 2012


I'm taking over the basement of Detour skate store in bath for his new solo show entitled BRAIN FARTS.

You can expect to see lots of highbrow art, this will be a very cultured affair with no willy paintings in sight, Well there may be a couple.

Come down for the opening night on Friday 12th October, 6-9pm for beer and most likely lots of cool kids with there ankles showing. Then off to the porter bar for some highbrow skate video action and more beer.

I will also have prints and zines for sale so bring your green notes if you fancy picking something up.
There may even be a highbrow x detour shirt in the shop waiting for you, who knows ;)

The show will be running for a month, or possible a bit longer. so plenty of time for you to go check it out.

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