Monday, 14 May 2012


Sorry its been quiet on the updates. there are two reasons for this... ONE, My life has been a bit manic recently. lets just say changes have been happening. its easing off a bit now so can focus more on this stuff. TWO, Computers are boring, going out and skating and boozing with friends is way more fun. Now back to the task at hand. Went out for an evening roll with the lads yesterday. Was trying to film a line with Phil. As you can see it didnt go down so well. The floor was super rugged and i stopped dead and took a face dive to the floor. Spinning out a bit and slight blurry vision in one eye i decided it was best to visit the A&E. After a while of almost falling asleep in the chair waiting for the doctor, i got checked out and cleaned up. All is fine so went home and kipped. THINK I NEED A FILMER BOARD WITH NICE SOFT WHEELS. So thats you lot up to date now. Shred on xx

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